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The Mimickers Saga
The crowning achievement of my life. This three-part series was the first story I ever composed and is, to this day, still myfavorite. Rife with contradictory themes and a heavy cast of characters, prepare to be taken into a world far beyond your wildest imagination.
The Mimickers invites us to explore the dramatic adventure and lives of a mercenary force and the deterioration of the world around them. The story is a swirling inquiry into the ambiguities between good and evil, as well as the consequences of blind faith.
This story has not been edited since 2008 so there may be grammatical and structural errors that I have since learned better than to make.

Associated drabbles, short stories, one-shots and fictions all non-canon to the Raetaen universe. Written by both the authoress and guests.
Volume One, Complete
Tainted blood, soul-less eyes, the living dead... is it coincidence or fate? The beginning of it all.
Volume Two, In Progress
Predetermined truths buckle under the weight of circumstance, and somehow they must keep their sanity as the time for Jareth's battle draws ever closer.
*Sayfuddin and the Sceptre
Volume Three
The peace has been shattered by a foe that they've been fighting from the beginning.

 Important Info:
*Glossary and Pronunciation Guide
*World Map
*Jareth's Villa Floorplan
*Xanathos Design
*The Abylon War
*The Great War

Cassandra Smith writing as Nicole Wilkinson
Copyright 2006-2016
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