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     About Nicole Wilkinson

Nicole Wilkinson has been an active writer for the better part of ten years. Raised by parents who embraced the arts no matter the style, she has always been fascinated by imaginary worlds and the characters who inhabit them.

Born on the West Coast but raised on the East Coast, she often comments that the two distant shores might as well be foreign worlds for all the similarities between them. She currently lives in North Carolina, but has also spent time in Oregon, Washington State, South Carolina, and Virginia. She has become a pro-mover by now and has learned to love a life in constant transit.

She's a multi-tasker extraordinaire who can never limit herself to focusing on just one book. At any given moment, she has three or four projects in progress with more to come.

She loves to write. Or as she is prone to say, "I write for the same reason I breathe - Because if I didn't, I would die," which is a famous quote attributed to the great Isaac Asimov.

Cassandra Smith writing as Nicole Wilkinson
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