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Infinity's End

~A Comedic, Romantic, Erotic Fantasy Action-Adventure Trilogy~

The war between the Theravada rebels and the Grayshire nobles is increasingly violent, both sides building up forces, both sides convinced they are in the right. Caught between them is Ione, a woman neither rebel nor noble, who holds secrets of her own.

When her own allies do the unthinkable, Ione flees into the solitude of the wild, and winds up in the hands of her enemies. There she discovers another side to the war and a hideous secret that her very own allies had been scrambling to conceal.

Ione finds herself trapped in the middle, between the life she has fought carefully to maintain, and an existence that has more value than she could possibly imagine.  

Book One
~The Edge of Tomorrow~

Complete. Ione is forced to make a difficult decision when her allies call for her imprisonment and likely execution, forcing her to flee for her life. In the hands of the Theravada, she meets Gale Arlen, rumored leader of the rebels, and learns what it truly means to choose a side.

Book Two
~Whispers of Yesterday~

In Progress. Now firmly entrenched in the Theravada -- and firmly involved with Gale as well -- Ione discovers the hidden sides of both Grayshire and Theravada. She questions her own decisions -- and her feelings -- as the war takes on a more murderous, personal turn for the worst.

Book Three

The Theravada have come to a consensus -- they can no longer wait, the time to act is now. Grayshire must fall. Still avoiding the finality of "love", Ione throws herself into battle, determined to find both revenge and peace, even if one destroys all chances of the other.

~ Glossary ~
*World Map

~ Related Works (Canon) ~
Rated: NC-17/M
In Progress. Novel. Canon. Pre-The Edge of Tomorrow. Azriel/Kieran. Souya/Lyra. A friendship that takes everyone by surprise slowly evolves into a deeper bond as Azriel, illegitimate son of the house Celestine, and Kieran, heir to the house Azura, throw themselves into the heart of a building altercation that explodes into an all out revolution.
Warnings for violence, eventual slash, het pairings, eventual erotica, character death
Rated: NC-17/M
Oneshot. Canon. Pre-Edge of Tomorrow. Azriel/Kieran. No matter what anyone else thinks, Kieran isn't submissive. It's just a game they play.
Warning: Porn. Just porn. Powerplay. Handjob. Oral. Roleplay.
Rated: K/PG
Ficlet. Canon. Pre-The Edge of Tomorrow. When Ione met Fenris, take one.
Warnings: None
Rated: K/PG
Ficlet. Canon. Pre-The Break of Day.There was a talking owl in his laboratory and Kieran wasn't entirely sure how she'd gotten in there. 
Warnings: None 
First Impression
Rated: K/PG
Ficlet. Canon. Post-The Edge of Tomorrow. Malcolm and Cyrus meet for the first time. The inklings of a friendship are born.
Warnings: None
Rated: PG
Ficlet. Canon. Post-The Edge of Tomorrow. Malcolm never wishes to be unarmed again.
Warnings: None
The Best of Us
Rated: PG
Ficlet. Canon. Spoilers for Whispers of Yesterday. Azriel comforts Kieran in his hour of need.
~ Related Works (Not Canon/Fanfiction) ~
We All Need Saving
Rated: M/NC-17
Oneshot. Non-canon. Mid-Whispers of Yesterday. Malcolm is forced to confront his feelings regarding his two closest friends when Gale goes missing, and Ione enlists Malcolm's help in finding him.

Cassandra Smith writing as Nicole Wilkinson
Copyright 2006-2016
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