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Welcome to the Den of Debauchery!
Home of Nicole Wilkinson's Fiction and Dracoqueen22's Original Fiction.
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G/K+: suitable for all audiences.
PG-13/T: some foul language and mild violence.
R/M: violence including character death, and sexual content.
NC-17: controversial content.

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Added Chapter Four to Shady Hill (04.19)
Added Layla and Serena Art to A Royal Pursuit (04.07)
Added Part Two: Chapter Four to The Break of Day (03.20)
Added short A Royal Pursuit Ficlets (03.08)
A Royal Pursuit Now Available to purchase! (02.24)
Website Clean Up (02.20)
Added Part Two: Chapter Three to The Break of Day (01.08)
Added Chapter Three to Shady Hill (11.15)
Added Chapter Six to Prisoner of Conscience (11.10)
Added Chapter Eight to The Road to Ruin (11.03)
Added Part Two: Chapter Two to The Break of Day (10.27)
Added Chapter Two of Shady Hill (10.20)
Added Chapter Five of Prisoner of Conscience (10.13)



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